Engineered Flooring

Engineered wood floor is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer (formally lamella) is the wood that is visible when other layers are adhered to the core. The engineered wood increased stability is achieved by running each layer at a 90° angle to the layer above. This stability makes it able to be installed over all types of subfloors, usually Plywood or concrete. Engineered wood is the most common type of wood flooring used worldwide.

There are some different categories of engineered wood flooring

All timber wood floors are made from sawn wood and are the most common category of engineered wood flooring. They do not use peeled veneer, composite wood, or plastic in their composition.
Veneer floors use a thin layer of wood with over a core that is commonly composite wood product or plywood.

Laminate is often confused with engineered wood floors, but it is not—laminate uses image pattern of wood on its surface, while Engineered has a real Wood Top Layer.