Sanding / Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Is usually required when the scratches, blemishes or stains reach up to you wood floor grains, or simply damaged top layer and the re-coating only is not enough to hidden the floor defects. But it is no need to worry, Excellence Wood Floors maintains a qualified crew of professionals which can help you during the proccess and ensure of its best possible Finishing.

  • 2 Coats Finishing: Is the most popular proccess, it is the least to make your floor protected and make your wood pattern to be shown the more it could. The Average Durability is 11 years.
  • 3 Coats Finishing: When special care is required, generally recommended to enhance the looking and to prevent your floor from mostly scratches and small accidents. (That One is Highly advised for people who has children, dogs or even high traffic Areas).The Average durability is 15 years.

Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Job Procedures.

  • The most critical and important procedure when the subject is Wood Refinishing, the results of sanding can implicate in a smooth and quality wood finishing, or the opposite if performed in unprofessional manners. Highly skilled professionals are required.
  • 220 v Drum Sanding Machine sands most of the central floor area. The edges are sanded by edge disc sanders.
    Grits depends on wood floor conditions, normally the least of 2 or 3 will be used from rough to finer. Vaccum Dust Colector Attached to the machinery.
Buffer Sander/Polisher
  • Buffering is the equalizer between distinct machinery grits to make the sanding equal and even.
  • Buffering with fine grits (220) is also performed in between the finishing coats, for a sleek and smooth finishing result.
  • Steel blade scrappers is used to complete the corners and places that sanders couldnt reach. This is a mannual procedure of work, developed by a skilled professional.
Vaccum Cleaning
  • 2 hp professional vaccums is custom made to achieve the best possible cleaning with Horse-hair base to reach even inside of grains or gaps.
Cloth Tackling
  • Before the final coat is essential to mop the wood floor with a damp cloth to remove any possible dust or debris particles that the vaccum might have left on the surface of the floor.
  • Is one of the more important in the refinishing process, is very important to have an even layer/coating distribution.